Antimicrobial Cloth Face Masks

These comfortable antimicrobial masks help to filter airborne pathogens and pollution. They are reusable three-ply cloth masks. Elastic ear loops hold the masks in place comfortably.

Bullet Bottle Opener Set

Why open your bottles with a generic cheap opener when you can use these real bullet bottle openers. Yes, they really made from real bullets – a .50 caliber BMG and a .308 that were fired by the US Military! Better yet, a portion of each sale goes to Wounded Warrior Project. These are a great conversation piece and a perfect gift. Each round is polished and they come in a velvet bag.

Bronze Safety Razor

Nothing beats the quality of a solid built safety razor. Ditch those cheap gimmicky razors with the overpriced refill packs. This razor gives you a quality shave, not a bunch of marketing hype. Get a razor that will last you for years and provide the best quality shave. This bronze safety razor is simply the best of the best.

Classic Chrome Lighter

The most recognizable lighter in the world. These lighters are reliable and stand the test of time. They are windproof for easy lighting outdoors, even in harsh conditions. Available in a variety of styles.

Wireless Headphones

These premium wireless Bluetooth headphones are great for anyone who is serious about sound. They offer superior sound and build quality. These are comfortable and lightweight. They use Bluetooth 5.0 for easy wireless connection to your devices and the battery lasts up to 40 hours.